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Advertising in VinAvisen

Since 1998 VinAvisen.dk has developed into an important link between the wine trade and Danish consumers, interested in wine. Furthermore, the weekly newsletter has become a venue for the Danish wine trade as a professional internet magazine on wine and a media which is seen by all relevant readers.

Being updated with the latest winenews in Denmark and abroad is the course of the success of VinAvisen. We keep up with all the essential global media. We sort out and present only the important news, whereby many hours of reading wine magazines can be saved.

VinAvisen is an obvious choice of media for advertising: A wine is represented with a banner in the weekly newsletter and from here you are just a click away from the website of the wine producer or the importer – or from a special site at VinAvisen’s server.

Advertisement prices
per 1th of October 2014

1 week
2490 DKK (about €334) without VAT

2 weeks
4300 kr. (about €577) without VAT

3 weeks
5550 kr. (about €744) without VAT

4 weeks
6500 kr. (about €873) without VAT

6 weeks
8100 kr. (about €1086) without VAT

16 weeks
15.200 kr. (about €2045) without VAT

26 weeks
21.900 kr. (about €2945) without VAT

52 weeks
40.400 kr. (about €5430) without VAT

We bring the advertisement
when you need it
The advertisements are purchased as week-packages but you do not need to use them in consecutive weeks. They can be spread if necessary over a year from the date of order.

This is how an advertisement works in VinAvisen

* The advertisement is designed as a banner across the screen.

* In the ad it is possible to insert one or more links, for instance to your own website, several different brands or to an email-address.

* Without additional payment, the banner can also link to a site at the server of VinAvisen. At this site you can have either a pdf file or a page with text and pictures which we can layout for you for a fee (get an offer).

* The advertiser delivers the banner as a complete illustration in a jpeg or gif file – or possibly as an animated gif file. A flash file will also do.

* The ad has to be in the size of 170 x 700 pixels and the maximum size is 100 KB.

* When purchasing an advertisement package (see below), the ad has to be brought in a continuous sequence week after week, but of course, you have the possibility to change the content, however, not more frequently than in average every fourth week.

* As shown in the price list below, it is also possible to buy four banner ads - maybe different - spread out through a full year. These ads must be paid by the first insertion and the three remaining ads have to be brought within the following 51 weeks.

* Any advertising agency will be able to make the ad, but the editorial staff of VinAvisen will gladly undertake the task of laying out the ad. As inspiration you can click here to see some of the banner ads, we have all ready designed. If the illustrations and texts are delivered to us in a digital form, usually it will cost 900 DKK (about €121) without VAT. Please contact us for an offer.


For further information – call or send an email to
Mariette Tiedemann
tel.: (00 45) 21 78 28 77
e-mail: mariette@vinavisen.dk